Jenny Hsia | Actress | Model

Actress: Start working professionally in Film, TV, Theater, Shorts, Industrials, Commercials since she was 18 Bound: Winner “Best Female Lead” National Film Challenge USA 2009 for this short Chinese: Ethnicity Dutch: Born and raised in the Netherlands Eindhoven: A city in the south of the Netherlands where she grew up Food: Favorite Kitchen is Chinese; “Anything that walks, swims, crawls, or flies with its back to heaven is edible” ; ) Game: “Life is like a game, your whole life you're solving puzzles” Hsia: Her last name means “Summer” in Chinese and you pronounce it as “Sha” - rhymes with “Pa” International: Ambitions to work worldwide James Dean: All time favorite Actor Konstanin Stanislavski: Inspired by Stanislavski's book “ Lessons for the actor”. This book brought her to New York Lee Strasberg: Studied “Method Acting” at the Lee Strasberg Film & Theatre Institute in New York Monet: Favorite Painter New York: Lived and worked there for 3 years One . Five: Winner “Best Fiction” Asian American Film Festival New York 2008, Jenny played the lead for this short Place: Most beautiful place she has ever visited is Iceland Quote: “Everything you can imagine, is real” Robert Castle: “Jenny is one of the most gifted young actors to study with me, both at the Strasberg Institute, and at three intensive workshops in Berlin and Amsterdam. Her flair for both dramatic material and comedy are first rate! She’s a talented professional, and a pleasure to work with.” Robert is the Artistic director and founder of the International Theatre New York. Singing: Likes singing jazz especially Ella Fitzgerald songs Tea: Drinks many cups of teas throughout the days, regardless of what season or temperature. Unconscious: “This is such a powerful and active contribution to the human condition and brought for me the most wonderful things on stage and in life.” Vision: “To contribute a great and inspiring share as an actress to all.” Writing: Memorizes most of her dreams collects them by writing them down Xing Qu: Traveling, books, art, movies, photography, food, people Yellow Banana: Because she was born and raised in the West, people used to call her “yellow banana” which means; yellow from the outside, white from the inside. Zodiac: Virgo/Libra, Chinese 'Wooden Rat' FILM & TV BOUND (WINNER BEST LEAD ACTRESS) Escort Girl (Lead) National Film Challenge USA 2009/ Justin Beck, Dir. 1.5 (WINNER BEST FICTION) Jamie (Lead) CUNY Asian American Film Festival/ Dong Sik Yun, Dir. A'DAM & E.V.A. Masseuse (Supp.) Flinck Film/ Norbert ter Hall, Dir. THE SQUEEZEBOX Kim (Lead) MTV/ Boyd Coyner, Dir. RACE RIOT Japanese Student (Supp.) Comedy Central/ Adam Dolgins & Frank Gregory, Dir. I LOVE YOU Secretary (Supp.) Espresso Media/ Vanesa Abajo Perez, Dir. DE CAMERA (Duistere Openbaringen) Naomi (Lead) Open Road Productions/ Fabian van Dongen, Dir. HARRY DORIGHT (Screamfest LA) Wife Pham (Supp.) Pellicola Productions/ Elwin v.d. Eshof, Dir. YOU & ME Janelle (Supp.) Red Rope Productions/ Eddie Shieh, Dir. SKY Isobel (Supp.) Independent Feature/ Stephen Koh, Dir. HORIZONICA (Dutch Film Festival ) Jenny van Dijk (Lead) Broet Productions/ Ramon Etman, Dir. SHADY Girl (Lead) Roborant Productions/ DJ trax/ Jur Oster, Dir. TONG Ji-Won (Lead) Jan van Gorkum, Dir. THE GODFORSAKEN KITFU Maggie (Lead) Qontax Productions/ Angelo van Rietdijk, Dir. A MOTHER'S CURSE Adeline (Lead) Thomas Sun, Dir. AN ORDINARY LOVE STORY Lucia (Lead) Areum Hong, Dir. THEATER ANTIGONE Antigone Tisch Theatre Berlin/ Robert Castle, Dir. FALLEN ANGELS Jane Banbury (Lead) International Theatre New York/ Robert Castle, Dir. THE LEGEND OF THE RIVER LUO Lady Cui (Supp.) Theatre for the New City New York/ Joanna Chan,Dir. LORD GARDEN'S MASQUE Fall (Supp.) Weak Signals Amsterdam/ Lee Scrivner, Dir. HABANERA Mother (Supp.) HZT Production Netherlands/ Shira Keller, Dir. GROW UP Kid (Supp.) CKE Netherlands/ John Heiligers, Dir. AVIYA'S SUMMER Aviya CKE Netherlands/ Karin van Dijk, Dir. COMMERCIALS List available upon request TRAINING ◆ LEE STRASBERG FILM & THEATRE INSTITUTE NEW YORK Complete Method Acting Study ( Acting for Film & TV, Vocal Production, Speech and Singing) ◆ Paul Calderon, Robert Castle (Acting for Film & TV) ◆ Jan Douglas (Singing) ◆ Jeffery Ferguson, Michael Ryan (Movement and Dance) ◆ INTERNATIONAL THEATRE NEW YORK, Master Class and Intensive Acting workshop in Berlin and Amsterdam One year acting training with Robert Castle in New York ◆ CENTRE OF THE ARTS (CKE), Netherlands, four years acting training SPECIAL SKILSS Languages: Fluent Dutch (Native), Fluent English, Fluent Whenzounese (Chinese dialect), Sufficient Mandarin (Chinese) Other: Singing (Mezzo Soprano), Skiing, Swimming, Cooking, Waitress, Drivers License

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